Vampire in Trinidad

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The Sukuyan was a vampire entity of Trinidad. Melville Herskovits has a tale of a man in Trinidad who was informed that his deceased wife was a vampire.

The woman not only took her husband’s blood, but visited the homes of his neighbors.

She was discovered drugging his tea every night. One night he pretended to drink his tea, and he fought sleep so he could find out what was happening to him.

He heard her say:

‘Kin, ‘kin, you no know me?

‘Kin, ‘kin, you no hear what your mistress say?

‘Kin, ‘kin, come off, come off!

The woman took off her skin and put it behind a large water barrel. She then leaped and then went through the roof. The man watched this and thought to himself, “My wife, that what she do?”

The sky seemed to be on fire, and the room was very bright.

The man salted the inside of the skin and put it back behind the water barrel.

Before the break of day, the woman returned and tried to put her skin back on but she couldn’t because the salt burned her.

‘Kin, go on.

‘Kin, you no know me?

‘Kin, you no hear what you mistress say?

The husband heard his wife said this three time. “Skin squinch he draw, can’t go on, he burning he.” The woman put the skin away and wrapped herself in a blanket, and lay underneath the bed.

The husband reported his wife to the authorities, and she was seized and identified as a Sukuyan. She was tried, condemned to death, and executed by being covered in tar and set on fire.