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Sikkim Vampire

Devendra P. Varma, the author of The Vampire in Legend, Lore, and Literature, noted a story about a vampire in Sikkim, a neighbor of Tibet. In the early eighteenth century, Princess Pedi Wangmo plotted to kill her half-brother. With the assistance of a Tibetan doctor, she bled Chador Namgyal to death and drank his blood. […]

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Franz von Poblocki

In the 1870, in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda (Wejheroho), Pomerania, in northwest Poland, a prominent citizen – Franz von Poblocki died of consumption (tuberculosis). He was buried in the churchyard of Roslasin. Two weeks later, his son Anton, died. Other relatives became ill and complained of nightmares. The surviving family members suspected vampirism and hired a local vamprie […]

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