How are Vampires Made?

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Depending on what tale or fiction story you read, the idea of how a vampire is made varies. Some claim it’s due to a single bite, whereas others claim it occurs after several bites. Some stories even say that vampirism is a virus that one can “catch.” Other stories include possession of a reincarnated spirit or even the awakening of something latent in an individual’s personality.

Folklore generally claims a vampire is created by a suicide, death before baptism, or being born with a caul.

So, as you can see the possibilities vary.

  • The bite of another vampire.
  • Draining a mortal of blood and giving the mortal the blood from a vampire.
  • A special initiation process.
  • Contact with a specific virus.
  • Supernatural curse.
  • Unnatural or sinful quirk in a person’s personality.
  • Spirit possession.

Depending on which theory you consider, it could be an un-intential transformation or an intentional one by choice of the vampire who opts to turn a mortal.

In the cases of intentional transformations, a vampire may be choosing a mate, whereas in an un-intentional transformation, the vampire may solely be looking for food.