Vampires that Can Fly

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Some vampires have the ability to fly, but not all.

Flying was common among Asian vampires, such as the penanggalan vampire of Malaysia. As some Chinese vampires aged, they could transform into flying creatures, such as bats and owls.

European vampires did not fly, but they were known to levitate. The banshee– a vampirelike creature- could fly, as could some of the ancient Roman vampires, like the strix.

Some vampires could change into a ball of light and fly, such as the West African obayifo and asiman, the Haitian loogarro, the Trinidad sukuyan, and the Surinam asema. These vampires would remove their skin at night and would fly as a ball of light; after feasting, the vampire would assume the shape of an animal if caught or wounded.

Many of the 20th century vampires could fly, as well as the fictional vampires, such as those in Anne Rice’s stories.