Vampire – The Scapegoat

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Vampires are often the scapegoat for otherwise inexplicable phenomena. Mysterious deaths are also attributed to vampires, as are floods, famines, harvest failures and any major variations on normal life.

Galician folklore embraces the power of vampires.

The power of the vampire is very great
and many-sided, even in his lifetime
can kill people and even eat them alive;
can bring into being, or remove, various
sicknesses and epidemics, storms, rain,
hail, and such; he casts spells on the cows
and their milk, the crops and the
husbandry generally; he knows all secrets
and the future, etc. Besides this he can
make himself invisible or transform
himself into various object, especially
into animal form.

These lines illustrate the flexibility of ancient legend, using “etc” and “and such” as means to extend the powers and doings of vampires as needed.