Characteristics of a Vampire

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Vampires are hard to describe, unless you are looking at the modern vampire who dresses in formal attire and walks among the living.

Folklore vampires may be described as a demonic creature or a beautiful woman.

In many cases, a folklore vampire is described wearing its burial clothes and having bloodied lips with protruding fangs.

But, in so many other cases, people did not know for sure who was a vampire unless the person was caught. They could marry, have children, maintain jobs, and walk among the living during the day, but at night, they may have supernatural powers that would allow them to transform into other forms, levitate, fly, etc.

The characteristics of a vampire will vary among the myth and origin.

Some common signs of a vampire include

  • Ability to perform hypnosis
  • Ability to shape shift
  • Ability to levitate
  • Ability to fly
  • Ability to read at super speed
  • Can see in the dark
  • Can command animals
  • Can heal their own wounds and the wounds of their prey
  • Cannot endure long periods of sunlight
  • Cold to the touch
  • Dread of garlic
  • Fear of religious symbols, like the crucifix and Holy water
  • Increased superhuman strength
  • Scale walls and buildings
  • Weep blood tears