Types of Psychic Vampires

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Not every psychic vampire is the same. You want to make sure that you can determine the different emotional vampire, and make sure to protect yourself accordingly.

First, you have your intentional and unintentional psychic vampires. Secondly, you have the narcissist, victim, controller and the splitter. Psychic vampires feed on the emotions and aura of others.

  • The Narcissist

Everything is about them. They have a sense of self-importance and entitlement.  They crave attention. If you don’t do things they’re way, they become cold.

** Stay realistic with narcissistic vampires.

  • The Victim

They take on the poor-me attitude and tend not to take responsibility for their actions.

** Set kind and firm limits with the victim. “I love you, but I can only listen for a few minutes.”

  • The Controller

This one is self-explanatory in which the controller tries to control people and dictate how they feel. They may even invalidate the emotions of others.

** Never try to control the controller. Be assertive and confident, but never tell them what to do.

  • The Splitter or Borderline Personality

They have love/hate relationships. They may idealize their friends one minute and make them the enemy the next. They will pit people against each other. They will retaliate if they feel they’ve been wronged. They keep people on an emotional roller coaster.

** Stay calm around the splitter. Don’t react when your buttons are pushed, as they feed off anger. They respond best to structure, so leave until they calm down. Refuse to take sides.