Signs of a Sanguinarian Awakening

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A sanguinarian vampire is commonly created by being infected by another vampire, but some vampires are genetically prone to becoming a vampire.

A latent sanguinarian vampire will come to his awakening later in life, usually around the teen years, but a latent vampire can develop signs of vampirism at any age and of any religion.

The basic signs of a vampire awakening can be frightening and even painful for someone who isn’t aware of what’s happening.

  • Extreme and unquenchable thirst (unless blood is consumed, on accident and usually their own in the beginning)
  • The taste of blood creates more energy
  • Feelings of euphoria, relaxation and heightened senses when near blood
  • An insatiable desire to consume blood
  • Oversensitivity to sunlight
  • Either difficulty tanning or easily tanned
  • Feelings of anger and rapid mood swings
  • Psychic abilities
  • Empathic thoughts around others
  • New food allergies
  • Chronic and cycling bouts of depression
  • Migraines and possible GI problems
  • Overemotional or melodramatic
  • Heightened physical senses (hearing, smell, taste and touch)
  • Tendency to be more active at night
  • Withdrawal from family and friends
  • Sudden strength

Sanguinarian vampires usually do not experience levitation, shape-shifting or other physical powers.