What is a Revenant?

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A vampire is someone who underwent the initiation into vampirism, but a revenant is someone who returns from the grave without formal transformation.

A revenant died either from shock or eventual blood loss after an attack, but his spirit still appears to his kin and friends as a decomposing corpse. A revenant wanders around at night in search of victims.

Vampires and revenants share the same method of attacking their victims- generally a bite at the neck or heart. But, a revenant transforms his victims into other revenants.

When revenants attack their friends, family and other villagers, there is usually a “vampire epidemic” because the the entire village is eventually transformed into revenants. Those villagers who remain alive will have to exhume the bodies and kill them again to end the epidemic.

Although, this may sound much like a vampire. There are two main differences between a vampire and a revenant.

  1. A vampire has the choice to transform a victim into a vampire.
  2. A vampire’s body does not decompose.