Signs of a Psychic Vampire Awakening

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Psychic vampires do not wake up one day with psychic vampire abilities. Before the vampire awakens, he will experience different symptoms that will vary per person.

Because each psychic vampire is different, they don’t all experience the same degree of vampiric signs. Some vampires may have very minor symptoms, whereas others may experience very strong signs of the vampire awakening.

But, to some degree or another, the following are the basic signs of a psychic vampire awakening.

  • Unexplained stress or pain
  • Clinical depression
  • Prone to sudden sickness
  • Get sick multiple times within a short period of time
  • Growing sensitivity to sunlight
  • Unexplained feelings of emptiness
  • Strong sense of how others feel
  • People around the vampire become tired or cranky for no reason
  • Feeling surrounding energy
  • Seeing auras

The awakening of a psychic vampire may not be easy, especially if the upcoming vampire is not aware of what is happening. Unexplained pain, stress, exhaustion or anxiety is caused by the need to feed.