Are Psychopaths Vampires?

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In short, the simple answer is no. Not all psychopaths are vampires. But, there are many psychopaths that have similar traits as vampires.

Traits of a Psychopath

Psychopaths tend to have a more organized behavior and can exhibit vampiric tendencies. Instead of drinking blood, some psychopaths will seek vulnerable people and drain them of their self-esteem and other personal “resources”.

A vampiric psychopath does not feel guilt over what he has done or who he has manipulated. He just doesn’t care. He takes what he needs and moves on to his next victim.

Not all psychopaths are vampires, but there are many traits that are similar between the two.

  • Superficial, agenda-motivated charm
  • Deceptive and manipulative behavior
  • A view of their own needs as being dominant
  • A lack of empathy
  • Poor self-control
  • Involvement in multiple short-term relationships (promiscuity)
  • The appearance of an ordinary life that covers criminal behaviors
  • A low level or absence of feeling

James Riva

Philip D. Jaffe (pychiatrist) and Frank DiCataldo (juvenile delinquency expert) worked on James Riva’s case when they came up with the idea that vampirism can be an indicator of an unstable sense of self.

In the spring of 1980, James Riva shot his grandmother and tried to drink her blood from her wounds in order to achieve eternal life. Riva claims a vampire told him he needed to. He also claimed that he was acting in self defense because he thought his grandmother was drinking his blood while he slept. He believed that if he killed her and drank her blood, he would become a vampire and the other vampires would throw him a party.

Riva went to jail on a second-degree murder charge. While in jail, he did not drink blood because he couldn’t get enough. Because he wasn’t consuming blood, Riva believed that his body was metabolizing his own tissues, so he tried to kill a guard. He was then transferred to a forensic hospital.

While working on this case, Jaffe and DiCataldo differentiated psychopathy and Riva’s vampirism, but the two conditions both result in a dangerous individual regardless.