How do Psychic Vampires Feed

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A full vampire is a happy vampire.

A psychic vampire can feed one of three ways, and how the vampire feeds may depend on the situation and the vampire’s tastes.

  1. Contact
  2. Proximity
  3. Tendril

Contact Feeding

Contact feeding is one of the easiest ways to feed. It can occur with a simple handshake or hung, or it can be as intense as a kiss.

Feeding by touch can be quite dangerous to the donor, especially if the vampire places his hands over the donor’s heart, which is why many vampires choose not to feed this way.

Proximity Feeding

Proximity feeding is the hardest way for a psychic vampire to learn how to feed, but it’s the most recommended and safest for the donor. Proximity feeding allows the vampire to feed by sight. Proximity feeding works great for feeding of crowds so that the vampire doesn’t take too much from any one donor.

When feeding in proximity, a vampire can feed off two types of energy- pranic and emotion. Pranic energy is the energy that people have just being alive, whereas emotion is a more personal type of energy. When feeding off emotion, a vampire receives a much more intense feed because the person is using more energy feeling the emotion.

When feeding on emotional energy, the vampire takes the emotion away from the person, which can be useful if the person is feeling anger towards the vampire. But, if the person is depressed, taking the emotion away can make them more depressed because the person already has low energy.

Tendril Feeding

Tendril feeding is a more advanced style feeding that most psychic vampires use because it is less detectible.

A psychic vampire has psi-tendrils that he can use over long-distance to manipulate energy from a donor. With his mind, the vampire can extend one of his tendrils to penetrate someone’s aura. When the vampire inhale, the tendril will suck the energy like a straw transporting a drink from the cup to the person’s lips.