PSI Vampire Abilities

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Psychic vampires are also known as PSI vampires. They feed by absorbing pranic or emotional energy.

In order to survive, PSI vampires have various abilities that let them feed, maintain their health and survive.

These skills are necessary for psychic vampires so they can safely feed on others so as not to take the wrong energies or so as not to take too much. These skills allow the vampire to remain anonymous and safe.

It’s best that a vampire learn his abilities and start practicing and honing his skills soon after his awakening.

  • Shielding is one of the most important abilities. It allows vampires to decide which type of energy they will absorb. PSI vampires need to make sure that he doesn’t absorb bad energy, such as anger, depression or malice.
  • Linking is the ability to open energy channels, so that vampires can link to someone and feed.
  • Skelpting is similar to linking, but it creates a stronger bond because it requires a mental projection. Once the channel has been opened, both parties meet via mental projection so that the energy can be exchanged.
  • There are two different types of projection that PSI vampires may attempt. Mental projection occurs when a PI vampire and the donor will their minds so they can meet each other somewhere other than where they currently are. Astral projection is harder but occurs when the body is projected.
  • Awareness allows PSI vampires to see things from the point of view of other’s so that they can see how others view them.
  • PSI vampires can mesmerize and convince someone that they didn’t see what they thought they did. This ability is quite useful when a vampire does something in public that can expose him as a vampire.