Profiling a Vampire

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If there is a vampire suspect to a crime, a profiler may be able to put together a common profile based on the idea that we all tend to be slaves of our psychology. Someone who kills or harms another person will leave a consistent trail of clues.

A profile is merely an educational attempt at putting together possible habits, employment, marital status military history, educational level and personality traits based off the crime scene data.

Data that is taken into account include:

  • Whether a weapon was used
  • Evidence of more than one person involved
  • The possibility that the victim was killed in one place and transferred to the scene
  • The means of transporting the body
  • The position the body was found and whether it had been moved around
  • The type and number of wounds inflicted
  • Details about the victim’s known movements and habits
  • Time it took to commit and/stage the crime scene
  • Method used to to control the victim
  • Evidence of staging the crime scene
  • Evidence of a ritual, signature or removal of a trophy