Who is inclined to be a vampire?

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Those people who are different from the normal, unpopular or sinners, are most likely to become a candidate to be taken by a vampire or to come back from the dead.

In eastern Europe, alcoholics are believed to be prime candidates for vampirism, and in Russia, people were exhumed if they were alcoholics while living.

People who commit suicide are thought to come back from the dead. In the past, they were refused burial in a churchyard.

In some countries, Christians who convert to Islam are believed to become vampires. Children whose godfathers stumbled upon reciting the Apostles’ Creed at their baptism are also thought to become vampires.

In general, witches, sorcerers, the godless, evil-doers, werewolves, robbers, arsonists, prostitutes, deceitful/treacherous barmaids, and other different and dishonorable people all have the potential to come back from the dead as vampires.