Importance of Aura to Psychic Vampires

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auraBecause psychic vampires feed on the energy of others, it’s important that they can  read the right auras to feed from. By understanding auras a psychic vampire will know what they are taking in. In a way, it’s sort of like understanding that you’re about to eat super spicy food instead of sweet.

Auras have different colors based off what a person is feeling, so it’s extremely important to know what the different colors mean.

Blue: There are different shades of blue auras. A dark blue aura indicates that the person is suspicious and analytical to the point of being obsessed. A clear blue indicates that the person is extremely intelligent and logical.

Black: Evil and always thinking maliciously.

Brown: Extremely selfish and is either unaware or uncaring of those around them.

Gold: Someone who knows themselves on a higher level and possess many good qualities.

Gray: Depression. A person with a gray aura is often fearful and tired all the time.

Green: There are different shades of green auras. A dark green aura indicates that the person may be a betrayer and is most likely extremely jealous. A clear green aura indicates that the person has a very calm nature and is well-balanced.

Indigo: Higher level of knowing and wisdom than that of the average person. They are not only very in touch with nature but are strongly devoted to it.

Orange: Physically fit and energetic. A person with an orange aura often has a lot of pride, but a person with a dark orange aura may not be very intelligent.

Purple: Higher state of knowing in regards to their spiritual connection and have a connection with the spiritual world.

Red: Full of energy. They are extremely active and could even have a higher sexual power. However, a deep red can indicate a high level of anger.

Rose Pink: Gentle love, giving and completely selfless. A person with a rose pink aura is generally kind and gentle.

Scarlet: Carries a lot of lust with them and have deep desires. A person with a scarlet aura is generally quite materialistic.

Silver: Very versatile and tend to handle change very well.

Yellow:  Cheerful, optimistic and has a kind heart. A dark mustard yellow could indicate that the person is suspicious of something or someone.