How to Destroy a Vampire

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There are many different myths about vampires from across the world in almost every civilization. Each myth has its own vampire creatures with different creation and destruction stories.

Across the board, many of the common ways to destroy a vampire are seen throughout the map, but in many cases, it’s best to side-tract or weaken a vampire, so that you can truly kill it.

To weaken a vampire, consider holy water and garlic. Using a vampire’s OCD and need to count against it can distract it long enough to kill it- use seeds or grains of rice.

Once the vampire is weakened, you can try one of the common ways to destroy a vampire.

  • Sunlight will often destroy young and weak vampires, but it may only weaken older, stronger vampires.
  • Drenching the grave-site with Holy water or pouring Holy water directly on the vampire. (Younger vampires require less Holy water to kill them, whereas older vampires require more.)
  • Garlic has been seen as a weapon to kill new or weak vampires, whereas it may only weaken a strong, older vampire
  • The crucifix can ward of weak, young vampires, and potentially kill them, but it can only weaken older vampires
  • Staking
  • Decapitation
  • Breaking the spine
  • Cremating the vampire and scattering the ashes
  • Causing the vampire to bleed to death
  • Silver bullets
  • Burying a decapitated vampire at a crossroads and filling the coffin with poppy seeds
  • Cutting the body open and washing it with boiling wine
  • Excarnation – allowing scavengers to consume the soft parts of the body (this can often take too long, as the head or heart can be reattached)