Who is destined to be a vampire?

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Often people become vampire through no fault of their own. They were good people during life, but due to circumstances beyond the person’s control, they may still come back as a vampire.

People who were conceived during a holy period according to the Church calendar are likely to return as a vampire. And, people who are the illegitimate offspring of illegitimate parents were also likely to become as vampires.

Potential vampires can be recognized when born due to some abnormality, such as:

  • Born with teeth
  • Born with an extra nipple
  • Born without the septum cartilage in the noe
  • Born with a split lower lip
  • Born with bestial features such as furn down the front or back of the body or a tail-like extension of the spine

In many parts of Europe, if a child is born with a red caul or amniotic fluid, then the child is predestined to become a vampire. If a baby is born with a red caul, the caul must be dried, stored and crumbled into the child’ food after a fixed period of time in order to prevent vampirism.