Types of Vampires

The basic definition of a vampire leads us to many different folklore stories and tales with different types of vampires.

Each country has its own type of vampire, and each vampire may carry the basic traits of a blood-sucking creature, but each vampire will be different. Some countries will even have stories about multiple vampire creatures.

Vampire types will vary from the African Ashanti’s  iron-toothed and tree-dwelling asanbosam to the African Ewe’s adze, or the Langaroo in the Americas to the Malaysian Penanggalan.

Popular vampire stories come from across Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe, Greece and Rome, the Middle East, North America, and South America.

These traditional vampires that appear in folklore and myths are generally a more demonic creature, whereas we find today’s more modern vampire is a more peaceful creature.

Modern vampires tend to drink blood from animals and synthetic blood more-so than the blood of humans. Modern vampires may attempt to coexist with humans, whereas the typical classic vampire found humans beneath them and a sole source of food.

Vampire creation, life, and destruction of each type of vampire will vary on the myth.

Further reading on this site will explore different types of vampires, their beginnings and end.

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