Being Human – Vampire Show

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vampire tv showBeing Human was originally a British supernatual drama that features three supernatural beings who share a flat. George Sands is a werewolf; John Mitchell is a vampire; Annie Sawyer is a ghost. The trio is trying to live a normal life.

The series was remade and featured on the Syfy channel in the United States and on the Space channel in Canada.

Throughout the series, more supernatural characters start to appear.

George, Mitchell and Annie must battle their need for normalcy amongst other supernaturals and humans who are making their lives hard.

They have to deal with the vampires who are trying to recruit as many humans as they can. There’s the danger of the Centre for the Study of Supernatural Activity, or CenSSA, who wants to rid the world of werewolves and vampires.

Throughout the series, there are vampires, ghosts, werewolves and zombies – good and bad- that the trio must figure out.

You can see daily life within the characters. There is love, anger, regret, fear and so many other emotions that haunt real life humans. You see the struggles of keeping friendships, relationships and jobs.

You will find that although addicting, the BBC vampire series has some of the whimpiest main characters. George is an overly sensitive fellow, and Mitchell is the whiniest vampire in modern vampire movies and TV. And, at times Annie has more balls than the vampire and the werewolf.

George, Mitchell and Annie are an odd group of supernaturals living together and caring for each other. Surprisingly enough, their personalities mesh fairly well.

When Tom and Hal are introduced as supernatural replacements for George and Mitchell after their death, I was surprised to see that the cast and storyline was able to continue fluently.

The new trio- Annie, Tom and Hal- must keep baby Eve safe. But, adult ghost Eve throws a kink in the plan when she wants Annie to let baby Eve die.

Watch the vampire show to see how it all goes down. How dow Mitchell and George die? Does Hall make drinking blood a regular after he falls off the wagon? Is Annie able to protect baby Eve and still change the future? Or does Annie let baby Eve die so that humankind doesn’t suffer from the vampire wrath?