Dracula Untold Trailor

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“Dracula Untold” is the story of the man who became Dracula, instead of Bram Stoker’s novel. Gary Shore directs the movie that was written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

Even though Bram Stoker wasn’t aware of Vlad the Impaler when he started writing the “Dracula” novel, Dracula, the vampire, has always been the real Dracula.

In an opening of the “Dracula Untold,” Vlad the Impaler’s son recounts the history that surrounds Dracula, and how the stories are about a monster. Vlad the Impaler’s son recounts the events in attempts to dispel the legend of Dracula.

Essentially, there was a boy soldier named Vlad in the Sultan of Turkey who was known as “the impaler” because he used a wooden stake to display those whom he killed. Vlad was able to escape from his duty as a soldier, and was made the prince of Transylvania.

The Turkish Army invades and refuses to leave Transylvania. Vlad realized that he would need more power to defend his territory and people, so he sought after vampire power. The Master Vampire offered Vlad some of his blood which will give Vlad the powers of the night for three days.

During the battle to remove the Turks from Transylvania, Mirena died defending her son. Vlad was angered with the loss of his wife that he embraces the darkeness and drinks her blood to give him the strength to save their son before his time as a vampire ends.

In the aftermath of the battle, Vlad is presumed dead and the Turkish army defeated. Vlad’s son is crowned the new prince of Transylvania, and the name Dracula is passed down to future generations as a legend.

  • Luke Evans plays Dracula.
  • Sarah Gadon plays Mirena/Mina.