Vampire Subculture

The Vampire Subculture is an alternative lifestyle that stems from the gothic lifestyle. Essentially, Vampyres, or Vampyre Lifestylers, are individuals who are attracted to the contemporary vampire lore.

Vampyres generally dress in exotic vampire-like attire, decorate their homes in a dark Victorian gloom, even wear prosthetic fangs and colored contacts. Some Vampyres will don white face makeup, dark eye shadows, and black nail polish to create a more gothic appearance.

The Vampire Subculture is like any other system of beliefs, where people commit themselves to the lifestyle, maintain ethical tenets within a hierarchial system and participate in rituals.

This lifestyle was created in Western culture, stemming from cult symbolism, horror films, Anne Rice fiction novels, and the overall styles of Victorian England. The Vampire Subculture exists in opposition of the Judeo-Christian principle of mainstream Western Society; Vampyres pride themselves for practicing principles that are antithesis of Christian ethics.

There are different types of Vampyres within the Vampire Subculture.

  • Sanguinarians address themselves as ‘real vampires,’ as they believe they have a physical and/or spiritual need to drink human blood to maintain mental and physical health.
  • Psychic vampires address themselves as ‘real vampires.’ They claim to attain nourishment from the aura, psychic energy, or pranic energy from others, believing that one must feed from this energy to balance a spiritual and psychological energy deficiency.
  • Living vampires are highly spiritual and maintain a rigid ethical system. They are not blood drinkers or psychic vampires, but are usually organized within clans such as the Temple of the Vampire, Ordo Strigoi Vii, and the Order of the Black Dragon.
  • Transcendental vampires believe that they have an immortal soul. They believe that their soul can travel into and fuse with the body of a younger Vampire to achieve immorality. They may be blood drinkers or psychic.

Within the Vampire lifestyle, you will also find blood donors, who are people who allow Vampyres to drink their blood. Donors are hard to find. They are equal to Vampyres, but they are considered to be subservient to the Vampyres.

Within the Vampyre culture, there are also role-players, who dress up in vampire clothing and attire, live a vampire lifestyle, and participate in RPG’s. These people tend to sleep in coffins, as a part of practicing the vampire lifestyle.

Those who practice in the Vampire Subculture will even attend groups and nightclubs that are dedicated to the lifestyle. There are plenty of dedicated bars in New York, London, Paris, Montreal, Tokyo, and Melbourne.

The Vampyre Subculture is known for its Christian controversy, as well as crime. There have been serial killers who have killed people to drink their blood, such as Tracey Wigginton who killed a man in 1989. Not all Vampyres associate with these criminals, but the controversy for the subculture still remains.