Get Real Vampire Fangs

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Do you want vampire fangs year round? It’s possible, although your dentist probably won’t recommend it.

There are a few options to get real vampire teeth.

Teeth Filing – Having your teeth filed is a permanent alteration. It’s less expensive than getting caps, but it’s something that you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life. It’s very rare that teeth filing is reversed, so you’ll be a grandparent with fangs. Many dentists won’t perform the procedure, so you’ll have to find a dentist who will.

vampire fangsPermanent Caps – You can purchase cheap caps online, but these can be uncomfortable and will most likely fall out. So, an option is to get custom caps. Custom caps can be costly, easily ranging any where from $2,000 and up. Custom caps are manufactured to fit each tooth, so molds would need to be made and then fit to teeth like crowns. Another option is getting synthetic caps made from the material that is used to fill cavities. This is less expensive than permanent caps AND your dentist can remove them if they¬† get lose or you decide you don’t want them any longer.

Side effects of getting real vampire fangs:

  • Swallowing caps
  • Malloclusion, such as an overbite may occur
  • Sores on the inside of the lower lip
  • Irritation on the lower gum where the upper fangs lie
  • Irritation on the gum where cheap temporary caps are fit over the tooth