A Mysterious Stranger – Vampire Tale

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A Mysterious Stranger was written in 1860 by an anonymous author. In this vampire story, the vampire describes himself to a party of five horsemen who are headed by the Knight of Fahnenberg. The five men were riding across the Carpathian Mountains to take possession of a castle and lands left in an inheritance to the Knight by a childless brother.

As night approached Boreas, a northwest wind raged into a powerful storm over the region. Amid the gusts of wind, the part could hear howling wolves. An attendant who guided them towards their final destination, informed the men that at the edge of the wood, there lay a lake where a pack of wolves dwelt. The wolves had been known to kill bears of the mountains.

castleThe party struggled against the winds and storm to reach the end of the forest to seek shelter in the castle of Klatka. As the Knight and his companions were about to be eaten by the wolves, a stranger leapt from the shadow of an oak tree, placing himself between the party of men and the wolves.

The stranger walked up the castle and disappeared.

The Knight and his companions raced to their destination and settled in the castle. As the men explored, they met the stranger again. They thanked him for saving their lives, and in order to demonstrate how grateful they were, they invited the man to their new home.

The stranger was reticent to meet the people, “… besides, I generally remain at home during the day; it is my time for rest. I belong, you must know, to that class of persons who turn day into night, and night into day, and who love everything uncommon and peculiar.”

A few says later, the stranger presented himself to the castle just in time for dinner, when everyone could see him in full view.

He was a man of about forty, tall, and extremely thin. His features could not be termed uninteresting – there lay in them something bold and daring – but the expression was on the whole anything but benevolent. There were contempt and sarcasm in the cold gray eyes, whose glance, however, was at times so piercing that no one could endure it long. His complexion was even more peculiar than his features; it could neither be called pale nor yellow; it was sort of gray, or, so to speak dirty white, like that of an Indian who had been suffering long from fever; and was rendered still more remarkable by the intense blackness of his beard and short cropped hair.

From these descriptions, we get the idea of man with non-human, vampire-like qualities. A man with a hardened will, hypnotic stare, ability to manipulate feelings and the ability to allure.

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