Vampire Books

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No matter what genre you prefer to read, there are vampire books within every genre. You’ll find sexy vampires, vampires after the next kill, and vampires that are just trying to co-exist within a human world. Because vampires in mythology vary so much, it’s not surprising that authors have their own takes on the creatures. Nearly every author has their own version of vampires that they include in their vampire books. You will find traditional vampires, vampires who suck blood through pores (never creating punctures), and vampires who drink synthetic blood from bottles. Anne Rice is a popular author for her vampire books, as well as Stephenie Meyer for the Twilight Saga, and having read both vampire book series, both are vastly different. But, if you’re not interested in vampire fiction, there is not a short supply of books about myths and lore, either. You can learn about traditional African vampires, Indian vampires, and how modern vampires formed from traditional vampire myths.

Elizabeth Kostova – The Historian

Vampire Series
Anne Rice – Vampire Chronicles
Charlaine Harris – Sookie Stackhouse
J.R. Rain – Vampire for Hire
Kerrelyn Sparks – Love at Stake
Morgan Rice – Vampire Journals
Nancy A Collins – Sonja Blue
Stephenie Meyer – Twilight

Other Vampire Books
Vampire Horror
Vampire Lore
Vampire Mysteries
Vampire Myths
Vampire Romance