Vampire Book Review – Shadow of Night

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Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

Book two of the All Souls trilogy is not the same as A Discovery of Witches– book one. Unlike the first book in the trilogy, there aren’t any “attacks,” like with Satu, Peter Knox or Juliette, that keep you reading.

Shadow of Night is still interesting, but there’s one major plot. It’s almost like Harkness ran out of major drama, making book two the bridge to more drama in book three.

Diana and Matthew travel back in time successfully in book two, and they experience the joys of the 1590s. Diana must learn how to be a woman of the time, while Matthew has to battle his twentieth century beliefs.

I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read the book, but Matthew is a bit more standoffish with Diana after they experience a loss. It takes a lot for Matthew to come around, but before he does, you have to suffer his new demeanor.

Because the story takes place before Phillipe is killed, Diana is able to get his blessing to be with Matthew. And, Matthew is able to clear any guilt he has about his father and the past.

Even in the 1590s, Diana and Matthew are able to bring together witches, vampires and demons.

Read book two to find out whether they bring back Ashmole 782 to the present, and what changes while couple are in the past. When timewalking to the past, there’s no way any being can avoid changing the present that they left.

If you want to read Shadow of Night for yourself, definitely buy book two for less than $10.