Vampire Jewelry

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Gothic jewelry is popular, especially when they revolve around vampires and vampire-like ideals. Bats, moons, fangs, skulls, and even gothic crosses, are commonly used with vampire jewelry. There are even vial charms that appear as though they contain blood.

Some choker necklaces appear to have bite marks, using two small ruby-colored jewels strategically placed on the neck to appear as bite wounds.

Black, pewter, red, and ruby colors are common with vampire jewelry. The red and ruby resembles blood, where black and pewter show a darker color, such as the color of night.

You can even find vintage vampire jewelry, as well as replica vampire jewelry, such as Bella’s ring from the ‘Twilight’ series or Elena’s necklace from Vampire Diaries.







Twilight Replica Jewlery


Vampire Diaries Replica Jewelry