Mens Vampire Costumes

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Whether you’re going to a Halloween costume party, or you just want a cool vampire costume to wear around the house, there are tons you can find online, and for men, a dashing vampire costume is a must.

Most men dress as either the gruesome vampire or the dashing vampire, so these are the most common costumes that you’ll find. In order to create a unique costume, you can purchase the cape, fangs and other details to create your own look – this is often the option that many in the vampire subculture take for regular attire or events.

Many men don’t want to add the Halloween makeup and fake blood to their outfit, but as long as the fangs and cape are added, there’s no need to cake on the gore. Plus, modern vampires don’t suck human blood, but drink it from a bottle or from animals, either way, they just aren’t as messy with their food.