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Mirrors have been seen to reveal a person’s spiritual double (the soul). When a person saw themself in the mirror, they received confirmation that they had a soul. Thus, if there was no reflection, it was thought the person did not have a soul, such as a vampire. Mirrors forced vampires to confront their nature […]

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Hawthorn is a small tree of the rose family that was prevalent throughout southern Europe. The plant is sometimes known as the whitethorn. In ancient times, hawthorn was used as a symbol of hope and as charm against witchcraft and sorcery. It was often placed in baby cribs to protect them from witchcraft. Some people […]

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It is believed that vampires have an aversion to garlic. People placed garlic in the mouths of corpses that are likely to become a vampire after death. They also hung garlic in windows and on door seals to prevent vampires from entering a home.Some communities would rub cattle with garlic to prevent vampires from feeding […]

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