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Vampire Psychic Abilities

Throughout history and fiction, vampires have accrued many different skills and abilities. Amongst the skills, include a pretty long list of psychic abilities. Self-proclaimed psychics insist that all mortals have this ability, but this has not been scientifically proven, much less demonstrated. Yes, some people just “know” things that others don’t know, and the tests […]

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Bats did not tie to vampires until the nineteenth century, but they have been used in fables and stories since Aesop and his fables. Bats have been seen with likeness to humans, such as how babies nurse from a female bat’s pair of breasts. In the Middle Ages, they became associated with the Christian devil, […]

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The idea that vampires can turn into a mist plays a bigger part in fiction than in folklore In vampire fiction, vampires could transform into a mist, but they could not travel very far in this form. Vampire mist was only occasionally seen in mythology as a logical form for a vampire to leave and […]

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