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The Upier is a male vampire from Poland. This vampire is able to rise at midday and return to sleep at midnight. This vampire is said to have a barbed tongue and consumes a vast amount of blood. The Upier’s fascination with blood is more extreme than other vampires, as it even sleeps in blood. […]

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Franz von Poblocki

In the 1870, in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda (Wejheroho), Pomerania, in northwest Poland, a prominent citizen – Franz von Poblocki died of consumption (tuberculosis). He was buried in the churchyard of Roslasin. Two weeks later, his son Anton, died. Other relatives became ill and complained of nightmares. The surviving family members suspected vampirism and hired a local vamprie […]

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The Kashubes of a West Slavic ethnic group of people in Pomerelia, north-central Poland. The Kashubes believed in the Nachzeher, which is a vampire creature that had the ability to kill its relatives by using psychic powers. It is thought that people born with cauls or teeth were most likely to become a vampire. The Nachzeher would devour […]

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