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The ustrel was a blood thirsty vampire of Bulgaria. The ustrel was not something that most people could actually see. It was described as the spirit of a child who had been born on a Saturday but died before receiving a baptism. On the ninth day after its burial, the ustrel was thought to work […]

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The obur, borrowed from the Turkish word for glutton, was the Bulgarian vampire among the Gagauz people. The obur was noted as a gluttonous blood drinker. The obur was vary loud and capable of creating noises, like firecrackers, as well as was known to move objects like a poltergeist. In order to get rid of […]

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Bulgarian Vampire

The Bulgarian word for vampire is a variation of the Slavic vampire, derived from the Slavic word ‘opyri/opiri’. It may appear in modern text as vampir, vipir, vepir, or vapir, which is a variation of Russian. The modern idea of the Bulgarian vampire evolved over several centuries. Most commonly, the Bulgarian vampire was associated with […]

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