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The Mapuche people of Southern Chile have a shape-sifting vampire-like creature known as the Piuchen, Peuchen, Pihuchen, Pihuychen, Pihuichen, Piguchen, or Piwuchen.

The Piuchen is a feared flying creature that can take on many different forms. In most stories, the creature is described as a shape-shifter, but for the most part, they are serpentine or serpent-tailed. The face or upper-body is otherwise described as a bird, bat, human, frog, reptile, or fish. It is normally covered in feathers, hair, or vegetation.

The Piuchen is known to draining the body of blood, and produce a fluid or powder to create blisters on the skin.

The vampire creature is said to be able to paralyze a victim with its gaze.