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The Civatateo is a vampire witch from Aztec mythology. Civatateos were servants of the Aztec moon deities – Tezcatlipoca and Tlazolteotl.

It was said that they were noblewomen who died during childbirth.  She appeared shrivelled and pale; her armed and hands were covered with ticit (a type of white chalk), and she wore a tattered dress decorated with crossbones.

The Civatateo returned to the land of the living to stalk travelers and haunted temples. They preferred children, attacking them most often; after the attack, the child would die of a wasting disease. They would also mate with human men and would give birth to children who were born as vampires.

The vampire creature likely attended Sabbaths at crossroads. In order to prevent an attack from a Civatateo, the living could place food on shrines at the crossroads; the prefered cakes in the shape of butterflies.