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The azeman vampire is a vampire from Surinam, in South America, north of Brazil. The azeman can transform into a bat, and according to some myths, the azeman can actually shapeshift into many creatures.

The azeman vampire is a living vampire that is most often described as a woman vampire. She can walk during the day and is not distinguishable from humans. At night, she becomes a blood-sucking creature.

The South American myths about the azeman says that the vampire is obsessed with counting, much like European vampires. You can protect yourself by placing a broom across your door so the azeman will have to count the bristles before entering.

Throwing seeds outside doors and windows will also delay the azeman from entering the home. And, if you scatter enough seeds, the azeman will be preoccupied until sunrise, when it will return to a human female, revealing the identity of the azemen. If the living vampire is killed in its human-woman form, the azeman is also killed.