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The Asema took the form of an old man or woman, living a normal community life during the day but a secret life after dark.

At night, the creature had the ability to transform into a vampire. It did so by taking off its skin and becoming a ball of blue light. In this form, the asema could flight through the air, enter houses, and suck the blood from the victims. If the vampire liked the blood, it would continue taking it until the person died.

In order to protect one’s home from the asema, garlic could be placed outside the doors and windows, or garlic could be rubbed on the neck. There were also herbs that a person could take in order to make the blood bitter so the asema would not like the taste.

People could also place sesame seeds outside the door, as the asema vampire would be compelled to pick up the seeds, but the creature’s nails would cause the creature to continuously drop the seeds. The asema would remain until until the task was completed, and if it remained until dawn, the sunlight would kill it.

If the asema made it through the night, it would put its skin back on and return to daily activities as a normal human.