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The Tlahuelpocmimi is a vampiric witch from Mexico. They generally appear normal, but they can shapeshift into different forms, but not matter what form the vampire is in, the glowing aura will give it away.

These vampires are born with the curse of being a vampire and cannot avoid it. They learn of their condition around the time they hit puberty. Female Tlahuelpocmimi are more powerful than the males.

The Tlahuelpocmimi have rules and guidelines when it comes to other creatures, and generally have their own territories that they rule over. They will also have pacts with shamans and other supernatural beings that will never turn on a suspected Tlahuelpocmimi.

These Mexican vampire witches can shift into any form they wish. They will detach their body from their legs, leaving their legs at home, and then go hunting in any form, usually a turkey or vulture. Before the Tlahuelpocmimi can enter the victims home, it must fly over the house in the shape of a cross from north to south, east to west. Once the Tlahuelpocmimi kills and feeds on the victim, the shaman will cleanse the body by uncrossing them.

You know that a person was killed by a Tlahuelpocmimi because of the bruises on the upper body. Generally, they will feed on children once a month, or they will die.

There is no way to detect a Tlahuelpocmimi except by catching them in the act. Unfortunately, their family protect them so that you cannot find them that way. The family only protects them out of fear because if a family member is responsible for the death of a Tlahuelpocmimi, the curse will be passed down to them.

Often people will hunt the vampire witch, looking for the glowing aura, but the creature can shift into a tick or a small