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As people have immigrated to North America, their vampires have followed. The Civatateo, Sukuyan, Tlaciques, Talamaur, Mara and Loogaroo are just a few vampires that are in myths from the Aztec people, Native Americans, Mexicans, people in New England and those from other parts of North America.

North American Vampires

North America is an assortment of people from an assortment of backgrounds. With each culture that makes up North America, there are vampires that are brought with them. European settlers who came to America brought their belief in vampires, even though most English colonists arrived before the vampire became part of the popular culture of […]

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The Fifollet, or the Feu-follet, is a popular African American vampire of the Louisiana region of the United States. The Fifollet is the traditional will-o-the-wisp (light seen at night over swamp areas), which is derived from the French incubus/succubus figure.This vampire figure was the soul of a dead person that had been sent back to Earth […]

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