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The Loogaroo is a vampire witch of Haiti folklore, as well as other islands of the West Indies, to include Grenada. The Loogaroo arose as slaves from West Africa appropriated French demonology and blended it with African vampire lore. The Loogaroo is actually similar to the obayifo and the asiman.

The word’ loogaroo’ is actually derived from the French word ‘loup-garou’ which reference werewolves.

Loogaroos were people who made a pact with the devil, and in return for magical powers, they would bring the devil warm blood every night. In order to accomplish this task, they would remove their skins that were hidden on the Jumbie tree. Then, in the form of a fiery ball of light, they would roam across the land in search of blood.

In this form, they could enter any home to take blood. Those from whom they took blood, would wake up tired and fatigued.

Although Loogaroos could enter any home, people could scatter rice or sand outside the door in attempts to prevent the Loogaroo from entering. The theory was that the creature would stop to count the grains before coming into the dwelling.

If the Loogaroo’s skin was found while the creature was in is spirit form, it must be pounded in a mortar with salt and pepper so that the vampire could not assume human shape again, causing it to perish.