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The Utukku (also known as Uruku) is a Babylonian vampire spirit.

This spirit can be good or bad, but according to the Akkadian myths, the utukki were 7 evil demons who were the offspring of Anu, a Mesopotamian god and Antu, an Akkadian goddess. It’s said that the Utukku would torment their victims by possession.

Some believed that the Utukku vampire spirit is the spirit of a person who has recently died and returned from the grave for unknown reasons.

In order to exorcize a Utukku demon, the Babylonian people would spin white and black yarn to the canopy of bed inflicted with evil. Then, they would say a chant.

Evil utukku, evil âlû, evil êdimmu, evil gallu, evil god, evil rabisu, labartu, labasu, âhhazu, lilu, lilithu, handmaid of lilu, sorcery, enchantment, magic, disaster, machination which is not good–may they not set their head to his head, their hand to his hand, their foot to his foot–may they not draw near. Spirit of heaven, mayest thou exorcise, spirit of earth, mayest thou exorcise.