Viscount de Morieve

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Viscount de Morieve was a French nobleman who kept his estates through the period of the French Revolution. He narrowly avoided the increase of rebellion during the Revolution, but after the Revolution, he took out his animosity against the common people by executing many of his employees one by one.

Eventually, his murders triggered his assassination, but after his burial, a number of children began dying unexpectedly over a 72 year period. According to reports, all of the children had vampire marks on them.

In the early 1870’s, de Morieve’s grandson decided to investigate the charges that his grandfather was a vampire. In the presence of local authorities, he had the vault opened. All of the corpses had undergone the expected decomposition, but the viscount was still fresh as the day he was buried. His face was flush, there was blood in the heart and chest, and there was visible nail growth.

The body was removed from the vault and a white thrown was driven through Visount de Morieve’s heart. Blood gushed from the wound and the corpse made a groaning sound. The remains were then burned.

After this, the malevolent mischief and unusual deaths of children around the estate ceased.

It is said that the viscount was born in Persia, married an Indian, and moved  to France as a naturalized citizen. It’s thought that his wife brought his vampirism from the East.