Vincenzo Verzeni

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Vincenzo Verzeni (1849-1918) was born into an extremely bigoted and dysfunctional family, which definitely gives some explanation to his future crimes.

He was considered different and eccentric by his family and peers, as he was rather smart and preferred  to spend time alone.

In 1870s, Verzeni committed  two murders and had attempted to kill several others.  One of the attempted murders was the cause of his capture and conviction.

In 1873, when walking, Verzeni noticed an 18 year-old woman in her front yard. He went to her and began attacking her, choking her, but when he heard a noise nearby, he ran off. The woman reported the attack to the police, who had Verzeni in custody.

Verzeni preferred strangling his victims, which is why he was nicknamed The Vampire Strangler of Bergamo.  He told police that the act of strangling someone gave him sexual pleasure.

But, strangling was not the end of his murders; after Verzeni strangled his victims, he would tear out their intestines and genital with his bare hands. He even bite them on their thighs, drinking their blood through the wounds.

After one of the murders, Verzeni carried the intestines and clothes away from the site so that he could smell and fill the insides of the victim while he walked home. He discarded them, afraid that his mother would find them and become suspicious.

Verzeni was found guilty and was sentenced to hard labor for life at a psychiatric hospital. He died in custody in 1918.