The Vampire Rapist

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Wayne Boden (1948 – 2006) was a Canadian serial killer and rapist. He committed most of his killings between 1969 and 1971. While the cases were being investigated, Boden became known as the Vampire Rapist due to the vampiric bites on his victims.

The next day another victim was found in Montreal with the same bit marks, linking the two cases.
In October 1969, Shirley Audette was found dumped in the back of an apartment complex in Montreal. She was left fully clothed, but she had been strangled and bitten. It did not appear that she had struggled.

In November 1969, Marielle Archambault told coworkers about a man she had met, and when she didn’t report to work the day after leaving work with him, her boss went to check on her. He found her dead on the couch. She had similar bite marks, but unlike Audette, she fought back.

In January 1970, Jean Way was found in her apartment by Brian Caulfield, her boyfriend. She was naked on her bed with bite marks on her breasts. Way was the last victim in Montreal.

wayne bodenTwenty-five hundred miles away, in May 1971, Elizabeth Anne Porteous was found dead in her bedroom with similar bites. There was signs of a struggle in her apartment, just like Archambault.

Boden was actually arrested when his blue Mercedes was identified during the investigation of Porteous’s death. He actually admitted to the police that he had been dating Porteous and had seen her the day she died, but he claimed to have left her alive in her apartment.

An orthodontist was able to make an impression of the teeth that matched the bite marks Porteous, as well as each of the other victims.

Boden finally admitted to killing the women while having rough sex. He would strangle them and become frenzied with the need to feast on their breasts.

Boden was sentenced to life in prison for Porteous’s murder and the murders in Montreal, but in 1977, five years into his sentence, he was granted a credit card that he used while out on a one day pass from Laval prison. He escaped and was recaptured 36 hours later.

He died in 2006 of skin cancer.

In July 1968, Norma Vaillancourt was found murdered in her apartment in Montreal, Canada. She had been strangled, raped and bitten many times over her breasts. However, there was no sign of a struggle. She was actually found with a peaceful look. Although, this case was very similar to the others, Boden did not admit to killing Vaillancourt. Raymond Sauve was actually convicted of her murder in 1994.