Vampire Crimes

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There have been many people throughout history who have been labeled as real vampires. We have Elizabeth Bathory who killed over 600 people, Marquis de Sade, Gilles de Rais, Vlad Tepes, and so many others.

These real people have partaken in vampiric crimes of drinking human blood for either sexual purposes or psychological reasonings. There are some murders who are labeled as a real vampire, but they do not actually consume the blood but merely draw out the blood (Jack the Ripper), whereas others actually consume the blood of their victims.

Some of the lesser known vampires and vampiric crimes include the following.

  • 1861- Martin Dumollard of Montlue, France, was convicted of murdering several young girls and drinking their blood. He was executed.
  • 1872- Vincenzo Verzeni of Bottanaucco, Italy, was sentenced to life in prison in two cases of murder and four cases of attempted murder. He confessed that drinking the blood of his victims gave him immense satisfaction.
  • 1897- Joseph Vacher of Bourg, France, while on a walking tour through the country, killed at least a dozen people and drank their blood from bites in their neck. He was captured, convicted, and executed.
  • 1916- Following a notice that Bela Kiss of Czinkota, Hungary, had been killed in WW1, neighbors searched her property and found the bodies of 31 individuals who had been strangled. Each body possessed neck wounds and were all drained of blood.
  • 1920- Baron Roman von Sternberg-Ungern, a nobleman in post-revolutionary Russia, drank human blood on occasion, seemingly in connection with a belief that he was reincarnation of Genhis Khan. He cam into conflict with the new government and was executed.
  • 1947- Elizabeth Short or Hollywood, California, was murdered and her body dismembered. Later examination of her body found that it had been drained of blood.
  • 1952- Estelita Forencio of Passi, Iloilo Provice, Philippines, bit a number of people and sucked their blood from the wounds. She was arrested for attempted murder. She said that she had acquired the urge from her husband and it came on her at regular intervals.
  • 1959- Salvatore Agron, a 16 year-old resident of New York City, New York, was convicted of several murders that he carried out at night while dressed as a Bela Lugosi-style vampire. In court, he claimed to be a vampire; he was executed for his crimes.
  • 1960- Florencio Roque Fernandex of Manteros, Argentia, was arrested after about 15 women said someone had entered their bedrooms, bit them, and drank their blood.
  • 1963- Alfred Akaser of Munich, Germany, was tried for killing a 10 year-old boy; he drank blood from the boy’s neck after stabbing him.
  • 1969- Stanislav Modzielieqski of Lodz, Poland, was convicted of seven murders and six attempted murders. One witness against him was a young woman he attacked, who pretended to be dead while he drank blood from her. Modzieliewski confessed to thinking blood was delicious.
  • 1971- Wayne Boden was arrested for a series of murders that began in 1968. In each case, he handcuffed the victim, raped her, bit her, and then sucked blood from her breast.
  • 1973- Kuno Hoffman of Nurnberg, Germany, confessed to murdering two people and drinking their blood. He also confessed to digging up and drinking the blood of several corpses. He was sentenced to life in jail.
  • 1979- Richard Cottingham was arrested for raping, slashing, and drinking the blood of a young prostitute. It was later discovered that he had killed several woman and in most cases had bitten them and drank the flowing blood.
  • 1980- James P. Riva short his grandmother and drank the blood from the wound. He later said that several years earlier he had begun to hear the voices of a vampire who eventually had told him what to do and promised him immortality.
  • 1982- Julian Kolton of Warsaw, Poland, was sentenced to death for raping seven women and drinking their blood. He killed two of the women.
  • 1984- Renato Antonio Cirillo was tried for the rape and vampire-style biting of more than 40 women.
  • 1985- John Crutchley was arrested for raping a woman. He had held her prisoner and drank a good bit of her blood. It was later discovered that he had been drinking the blood of more willing donors for many years.
  • 1987- A jogger in San Francisco park was kidnapped and held for an hour in a van while a man drank his blood.
  • 1988- An unknown woman picked up at least six men of the summer in Soho section of London. After she returned home with a victim, she slipped drugs into his drink, and while he was unconscious, she would cut his wrist and suck his blood. She was never arrested.
  • 1991- Marcelo da Andrade of Rio de Janeiro killed 14 young boys, after he drank their blood and ate some of their flesh.
  • 1991- Tracy Wiggington of Brisbane, Australia, was convicted of the vampire-style murder of Clyde Blaylock. She stabbed him and drank his blood. Wigginton had claimed to be a vampire and regularly drank blood from her friend.s
  • 1992- Andrei Chikatilo of Rostov, Russia, was sentenced to death after confessing and killing about 55 people whom he vampirized and cannibalized.
  • 1992- Deborah Joan