Sean Richard Sellers

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Sean Richard Sellers was voted as the person most likely to become a vampire at his high school. He was known to carry the Satanic Bible and vials of blood with him and drink the blood during lunch.

As a teenager, Sellers spent hours of performing private rituals in his bedroom, using his blood to write notes to Satan. He started drinking and taking pills, and eventually found like-minded friends who met to drink each other’s blood.

Eventually, Sellers decided to try murder.

sean sellersOn September 8, 1985, at 16-years old, Sellers borrowed a gun and shot the clerk at a convenience store.

On March 5, 1986, before he turned 17, he dressed in his ritualistic attire and shot his mother (Vonda Bellofatto) and stepfather (Lee Bellofatto) in the head as they slept.

After he was arrested and charged for the murders, Sellers said his dreams about blood influenced him.

He converted to Christianity while in jail, and claimed that his demonic possession was what caused him to perform the murders.

Sellers’ execution gained worldwide attention, especially since he was one of 22 people in the United States executed since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976 for a crime he committed while under 18 years old. He is also the only person during this time that was executed for a crime committed under 17.

Sellers was executed by lethal injection on February 4, 1999.