The Ruda Family

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Manuela (23-years old) and Daniel Ruda (26-years old) were in Bochum, Germany when they were convicted of the heinous murder of their friend.

The couple stabbed their friend- Frank Haagen- and drank his blood. The couple stabbed Haagen 26 times, carved a pentagram into his chest and left his body decomposing near the oak coffin where Manuela slept.

During their conviction, the couple admitted that they committed the crime, but they said they were not responsible. The couple claimed that Satan was responsible for the murder and they were only his agents to “make sure the victim suffered well.”

Manuela admitted that she got the taste for vampirism in Britain and had delivered her soul to Satan, who ordered her to “sacrifice” Haagen. In court, she described how she had her teeth fashioned into fangs and how others had gotten together in cemeteries to drink blood (bite parties).

The authorities thought it was likely the couple would repeat their crimes, so they were both sent to mental institutions. They were deemed unstable, as both were involved in Satanism and vampire cults. Daniel was sentenced to 15 years and Manuela to 13.