Roderick Ferrell

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On Thanksgiving Day in 1996, Roderick Ferrell (16-years old), from Murray, Kentucky, led a pack of kids to Eustis, Florida, where he killed the elderly parents of his former girlfriend (Heather Wendorf).

In Kentucky, Ferrell had gotten involved with a fantasy role-playing game- Vampire: The Masquerade– but he said it wasn’t edgy enough and formed the Vampire Clan. He wanted to “open the Gates of Hell,” and in order to do that, he understood that he had to kill people to consume their souls.

Ferrell had tormented and killed animals in his past, but the Wendorfs were his first human victims. While Heather was away from the house, he used a crowbar to bludgeon Richard Wendorf while he slept on the couch. Then, he went after Wendorf’s wife, killing her with a knife. He burned marks in the shape of the letter ‘V’ on Richard Wendorf’s chest and left the corpses behind.

One of the other clan members- Scott Anderson- stood by and watched.

Ferrell stole the Wendorf’s SUV and picked up Heather and the rest of the Vampire Clan and drove the New Orleans.

rod ferrellWithin a few days, they were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisianna.

At first, Ferrell claimed a rival vampire clan had done the killings, but then he claimed to have been treated for multiple personality disorder and that he had been a part of a satanic cult run by his grandfather.

Ferrell said that he had no soul and was possessed. When he was arrested, he told the officers that his vampire nature made him too powerful for them to hold him for long. But, on February 12, 1998, Ferrell plead guilty to two counts of felony murder and was given the death penalty.