Richard Trenton Chase

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Richard Trenton Chase was afraid and the only way to prevent it from happening, he needed blood. He became known as the Vampire of Sacramento.

Chase was preoccupied with any sign that there was something wrong with him. One time, he went into an emergency room looking for the person who had stolen his pulmonary artery. He also complained that bones were coming out through the back of his head, his stomach was backward and his heart often stopped beating. His life grew disordered, and Chase sank into hypochondria and drug abuse.

He began killing and disemboweling rabbits and ate the entrails raw. Sometimes, he would put the intestines with the blood in a blender, liquefy them and drink the concoction in attempts to keep his heart from shrinking.

In 1975, Chase was placed in a psychiatric facility after he injected rabbit blood into his veins. He got very ill due to blood poisoning, but his excuse was that the rabbit had ingested battery acid that seeped into his stomach.

While incarcerated at the facility, Chase bit the heads off birds and was known to the staff as Dracula. One time he was allowed to be out on his own and Chase purchased or stole dogs and cats to drink their blood.

In 1976, Chase was deemed no longer a danger and was released to his mother’s care with anti-psychotic medications. His mother weaned him off the medications and put him in an apartment of his own.

In mid-1977, Chase was found near Pyramid Lake, Nevada. He had two rifles in the seat of his Ford Rancero and a pile of men’s bloody clothing. There was blood smears on the interior of the vehicle, as well as a bucket of blood and a liver inside the vehicle. Chase was nearby, nude and smeared with blood. When he saw the officers, he ran. When the police caught Chase, he claimed the blood inside his vehicle was his own – it had seeped from his body. The blood and liver was actually that of a cow.

After this, Chase got bold and started killing humans.

  • On December 29, 1977, he killed Ambrose Griffin in a drive-by shooting.
  • Two weeks later, Chase tried to enter a home, but found the doors locked. Chase admitted that when seeking a kill, he searched for an unlocked house. In his mind, if the door was locked, he was not invited inside – just like a vampire.
  • teresa wallinOn January 23, 1978, he killed Teresa Wallin who was three-months pregnant. Chase shot her three times. He drug her body into the bedroom, retrieved a knife and an empty yogurt container, and went to work. Hours later Wallin’s husband, David, found her just inside the door with her clothes in disarray. Chase carved off her nipples, cut open her sternum, removed her spleen and intestines, cut out her kidneys, severed her pancreas in two and stabbed her lungs, liver, diaphragm and left breast repeatedly. Chase also put dog poop in her mouth.
  • On January 27, 1978, Chase killed Evelyn Miroth, Danny Meredith, Miroth’s 6-year old son and her infant nephew. Chase drank Miroth’s blood and mutilated the baby’s body. When he left the house, he took the Meredith’s body with him. A 6-year old girl that had a playdate with Miroth’s son saw Chase leaving and alerted the police. The police found a perfect handprint and shoe imprint that they could use to convict Chase.

In 1979, Chase was convicted of six counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to be executed. But, the day after Christmas 1980, Chase swallowed an overdose of anti-depressants and died in his cell.

While in prison, Chase told another inmate that he needed the blood to stop blood poisoning and that he’d grown tired of hunting animals. He didn’t want to kill, but he needed the blood.