Richard Chase

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In Sacramento, California, Richard Chase is known as a vampire killer.

In 1976, Chase had spent a year in a mental facility and manifested the lust and mania for blood. Fellow patients called him Dracula.

He had hunted animals in the past and drank the blood from those animals he killed. These animal encounters led him to several encounters with the authorities, but it wasn’t until 1977 that he started killing people.

In December 1977, Chase shot Ambrose Griffin, and a month later, on January 23, 1978, he shot Theresa Wallin. Chase mutilated Wallin’s body with a knife and collected her blood in a cup and consumed it.

A week after the attack, Chase killed four people at Evelyn Miroth’s home, including Miroth and her baby nephew; he drank blood from both bodies, and tossed the baby in the garbage when he was done.

According the Chase, he believed that he had blood poisoning and needed the blood.

He was arrested after the Miroth murder and convicted of 6 murders. Chase committed suicide in prison in 1980 at the age of 31.