Mercy Brown – Exeter Vampire

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In Exeter, Rhode Island in 1892, George Brown lost his family to tuberculosis.

His wife, Mary, died first, followed by his eldest daughter, Mary Olive, in 1888. In 1890, his son Edwin became sick before he moved away, and then in 1892, Mercy another daughter, died.

Edwin returned to Rhode Island a few months after Mercy’s death, and he became sick again. Friends and neighbors believed that one of the dead family members was a vampire which is why Edwin became sick.

At this point, Brown decided to exhume the bodies of his wife and daughters. His wife and eldest daughter had decomposed normally. But Mercy’s body, which had been buried for three months, was fresh and turned sideways in the coffin, and she had blood dripping from her mouth.

They removed her heart, burned it, and dissolved the ashes into medicine for Edwin to drink. He died anyway.

Mercy Brown became the Exeter vampire.